Canberra Times conjures up a miracle

I don’t have a Canberra Times subscription, partly because the paper version is a faint shadow of what it was but mostly because I refuse to pay good money for someone else’s information bias after all, the “Grimes” is establishment mainstream media.

Which might explain why it can declare, complete with heartwarming picture that the ACT’s land drought is almost a thing of the past!

Really? This rather stupid headline (page 1) suggests that at sometime during the middle of the night of 27 April, the Canberra Times or parties friendly to it bestowed upon the world an enlarged ACT, it created more land! Clever people over at the Canberra Times…

Of course evoking the drought was a masterstroke since we all know that real estate comes from the sky, when it pisses down there are properties springing up like mushrooms after after a thunderstorm.

But I’m inclined to suspect a little bit of self service here. Apparently there are 180 pages in the saturday edition of the Canberra Times although mysteriously I could only count 64 actual pages in the “newspaper” which includes the vanishing classified section (a mere 14 pages). The mystery is solved however if you add the “bonus” Panorama magazine thingy and the rather spectacular Domain real estate guide. In fact, a third of the claimed content of the saturday edition of the Canberra Times consists in the Domain!

If Australia as a whole is utterly dependent on the building activity to keep an army of people employed in meaningful work, Canberra is no different. Actually Canberra is a lot different, because unlike elsewhere in Oz, construction work is critical to the vitality of Canberra. A lot is made of its public service base but it’s what those public servants do with real estate and how that is leveraged that makes Canberra really jump.

Which is why the Canberra Times continues to sell the dream. Housing forever for all the deserving new families…

One could be forgiven for thinking the Canberra Times is unaware of the how logic works or merely chooses to ignore its implications since it also reported the findings of the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment earlier in the year.

Standing out from this report is the rather depressing news that

Canberrans used 14 times the land area of the ACT to support our lifestyles, and if everyone in the world lived in the same way as the average Canberran, we would need 5 Earths to give us enough land (and surface water) to provide our resources and absorb our wastes.

However clearly the Canberra Times has a solution…it simply says the problem is “almost a thing of the past”.


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