Damn Trump.

The first week has been something else. Outrageous to some perhaps but a few ideas have popped into the left side of my brain.

First the shocking idea that Trump is actually doing some of the things he said he said he would do has caught some people off balance. The observation that executive orders don’t necessarily translate into actual outcomes (or walls) seems a bit lost amid the tumult. The abortion funding matter is apparently also a perennial Democrat/GOP football so despite the outrageous picture of a group of dicks signing off on what is a woman’s issue, it is not unexpected.

Which brings me to the first point. Outrage. It seems the progressive liberals haven’t got the hint. Let’s see. Were people outraged by Trump before the election? Yes. Did he still get elected? Yes! Simple analysis, outrage by itself isn’t enough. In fact, I’m tempted to say it’s no where near enough. Personally I think the MSM would be better served critically looking at how these grand Trump ideas are going to translate into real world outcomes and leave the moral outrage to the commentariat.

The second point is that all this unfocussed anti-Trump rage is really just more of the same Trump election tactics, only now it serves to reinforce the notion that Trump is doing something different. How dare he ban foreigners from entering the country? Well it hardly matters when it is popular. Being the populist is what matters, doing and saying stuff that appeals to his supporters is where he’s at right now and the more he is opposed by outraged liberals the more liked he is by his supporters.

The final point is the focus on voter fraud is the the stealthy scary bit. Despite his public utterances about voter fraud Trump no doubt realises that he is unlikely to ever fully carry the day in the the democrat strongholds. But the claim does give him an excuse to implement some form or gerrymander which might effectively grant the GOP a winning outcome despite not having a popular majority. It’s already happening and this seems like more of the same. I reckon this is the worst and scariest development of a GOP controlled US government and one that should utterly focus the liberal mindset. But it probably wont, they will be too outraged by future walls and bans…


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