Favourite sons

This needs to be noted by somebody because the local rag is pretty deeply wedded to the local status quo so here goes.

The local NRL team (who originally came from Queanbeyan btw) have been the beneficiaries of years of government generosity mainly through the availability and use of a pretty reasonable stadium which sits empty most of the time. They also have a highly valuable chunk of real estate smack bang in the middle of town, coincidentally next to an emerging government arts facility.

Now they (the raiders) are pushing the government to give them $20M for a so-called high performance centre in Braddon, presumably on this large block of land in the middle of town they received for virtually nix years ago.

Meanwhile this year’s ACT government budget “contains a $21.6 million package for the Arts over four years”

You might not think the arts are important. But it is also questionable why one professional football team is more deserving than an entire sector of human creativity. It is also questionable why they should continue to enjoy so many favourable deals when artists have to beg for a living.

This is apparently modern progressive politics.




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