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Tipping points and chaos

Two thoughts, actually three but that might be too many, so let’s call it two and a premise. The premise is humans are social creatures. The thoughts are what are the conditions that favour human life and lead to prosperity?

But first a tiny bit of history. Briefly, think about the last couple of thousand years, [...]


Nick Feik | Green movement has been an abject failure

Nick’s question: “why (has) a political and social movement failed to convert scientific consensus into action” seems to attribute failure to the green movement yet the rhetorical question ending his article does have a rather straightforward answer.

Let’s reassess Nick’s question. Firstly it is premised on the belief that a scientific consensus should be sufficient for [...]


Climate change study forces sceptical scientists to change minds

Prof Richard Muller, a physicist and climate change sceptic who founded the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (Best) project, said he was surprised by the findings. “We were not expecting this, but as scientists, it is our duty to let the evidence change our minds.”

Muller goes on to add

“While this doesn’t prove that global warming is [...]


Canberra Times conjures up a miracle

I don’t have a Canberra Times subscription, partly because the paper version is a faint shadow of what it was but mostly because I refuse to pay good money for someone else’s information bias after all, the “Grimes” is establishment mainstream media.

Which might explain why it can declare, complete with heartwarming picture that the ACT’s [...]


Queensland and the politics of change

As I listen to Love40percents latest announcement in Canberra, I’m reflecting on the ALP wipeout in Queensland’s recent state elections and the ramifications for the so-called party of the left currently in power nationally under Prime Minister Gillard.

Briefly, the ALP in Queensland have lost about 45 seats and the remaining 6 or 7 members [...]


Critical Theory

Andrew Feenberg asks “What is the Philosophy of Technology?” a question Popper concerned himself with a few years ago and one that came up in my studies the other day.

According to Popper, who wrote in 1965 (Three Views Concerning Human Knowledge) science has abandoned philosophy and instead concerned itself only with with [...]


The anti-intellectual brigade

This could be a post directed at the global warming denialist, you know the how it goes…carbon dioxide is just a gas, the science is questionable, humans have nothing to do with it and besides the planet isn’t warming anyway, yada yada.

Not that there’s anything wrong healthy skepticism as such, it encourages good solid [...]


In pictures: 100 places to remember before they disappear | Environment |

100 photographs from 100 different places around the world that are threatened by climate change.The pictures are taken by some of the world’s best photographers and all the places are based on reports from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC.

via In pictures: 100 places to remember before they disappear | Environment |


Taxpayers help Holden motor on

”There isn’t a car industry anywhere in the world that doesn’t rely on some degree of private-public partnership,” according to Holden’s PR spinner, Ms Perry.

A private/public partnership eh? When Kev007 was the boss he committed the taxpayer to a $6.2 billion partnership. I remarked at the time that money could go a long way to [...]


Oops – Nuclear reactor and earthquakes

Of course the Fukushima plant was designed by experts with earthquakes in mind but the prospect of a nuclear plant out of control and with no water is hardly likely to be scenario they envisaged. Over at The Reg comforting reassurance is in abundant supply but the issue is nonetheless fairly critical (no pun intended) [...]